Precast sewer drain outlet with recycled concrete granulate

Gubbels Bedrijven and Waco join forces to process recycled concrete granulate into new concrete products. Contracted by Gubbels, Waco produced a precast sewer drain outlet for the municipality of Bergen op Zoom.

Recycled concrete granulate

Concrete that is released during demolition projects is collected separately at the Gubbels soil bank location. Concrete is broken, sieved and washed into clean and reusable concrete granulate. In order to produce the precast sewer drain outlet in a more sustainable way, gravel from the concrete is replaced by recycled concrete granulate from Gubbels.

Compound sewer drain outlet

The sewer drain outlet is a tailor-made and compound construction. After making the special and more durable concrete mix, first one sidewall and the back panel are cast. Then, the other side wall and the front cover are cast. After that, the construction was put together and the bottom was cast at last.


After production, the sewer drain outlet, weighing a total of 15 tonnes, was skillfully placed and connected to an existing diver with a diameter of 1500 mm.

Precast concrete products from Waco

Waco has been a specialist in structural precast concrete products for offshore construction, residential construction, industrial and civil engineering projects since 1888. For civil engineering, Waco produces a diverse range of products such as sewer drain constructions, manholes, culverts, bridges and tunnels. With a standardized range, we can switch, produce and deliver very quickly. In addition, the wishes of the customer are at the heart of our organization. In projects, Waco often acts as a partner.

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