Waco bridges range from slim and elegant, to more bold and robust structures

Worldwide the most common product used to construct bridges is (reinforced) concrete. The material is known for its high performance, long-life, and versatility in forms as well as methods of construction. Whatever the requirements or the design, working with concrete means you are choosing for a cost-effective, easy to construct and quick to deliver solution. Bridges produced by Waco range from slim and elegant, to more bold and robust structures, without compromising on aesthetics.

Why Waco?


Full Design Freedom


Modular construction




Slim shapes


Concrete is known to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather conditions. The material is low maintenance, which means once we have delivered a structure, it requires little taking care of and will last a lifetime!


Working with concrete offers unlimited options to design, extravagant features or simply meet your construction requirements.

Quick and easy

We use pre-casting, high-end engineering and modular constructions to produce bridges in the fastest way possible. Offsite manufacturing of elements also means we reduce time & resources onsite.


Concrete is known to have a typical design life of over 100 years. This makes our bridges a sustainable product; quick to produce, but long to last and with very little maintenance required.

Bridges by Waco

Access bridge to sport facilities in Bergschenhoek

4 Access bridges which provide entrance to national park “Loonse en Drunense Duinen” near Cromvoirt

Renovating the Ruigelaan bridge, Wassenaar

Access stairs to the bicycle bridge over the N242 near Heerhugowaard

The 7 Bridges with the “Euro currency” theme, Spijkenisse

Arched concrete bridge with architectural handrailing with hidden text “VAN HIER NAAR DAAR”, te Hoorn

Concrete bridge in combination with timber handrailing located in Utrecht

Arched concrete Bridge with steel handrailing located in Nieuwkoop